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While you try to eat right, you know you’re not getting all the vitamins and other nutrients you need to maximize your health. Vitamin injections give you the boost you need to enhance your energy, immunity, body size, and health. Morton Barke, MD, of New Leaf Wellness offers a wide variety of injections to meet your health needs. Call the office in Culver City, California, or book online to learn how vitamin injections can help you can start to feel your best today.

Vitamin Shots

Why should I consider vitamin injections?

Vitamin injections give you an immediate delivery of natural vitamins and other nutritional compounds that support good health. Unlike oral supplements, injected vitamins don’t have to travel through your digestive tract where they’re often not absorbed well.

What are the benefits of vitamin injections?

Vitamin injections can:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve nervous system function
  • Slow aging
  • Help with energy production
  • Enhance your metabolism
  • Combat inflammation
  • Improve athletic and sexual performance
  • Alleviate stress

Talk to Dr. Barke to find out how vitamin injection therapy can help you.

What vitamin injections are available?

Dr. Barke offers a variety of vitamin combinations via injection. He helps you choose from the following:

Superiority Complex

Includes B vitamins to help with immunity and improve the function of your nervous system. Beneficial for patients with anemia, fatigue, respiratory issues and asthma, brain fog, depression, eczema, and hair loss.

I Need a Hero

Contains vitamin C to help protect against common colds and coughs and help regenerate connective tissue and collagen. Beneficial for patients with a low immune system, colds, wrinkles, dark spots, and uneven skin tone.

The B's Knees

Packed with B vitamins, it helps with energy production, improves metabolism, regulates appetite, and can reduce water retention. Also helps improve mood and memory. Beneficial for weight loss and patients who are feeling fatigued or suffering from memory loss.

The Energizer

All-natural energy and immune booster. Can decrease fatigue, stabilize mood, and alleviate lethargy. Beneficial for patients with low energy, stress, depression, and brain shrinkage. Also for patients with skin issues, lackluster hair, and brittle nails.

Forever Young

Glutathione helps fight against free radicals and is a natural detoxifier against toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals. It is also known to relieve inflammation and improve overall body health. To do so, it slows down and repairs damage to your bodies. Beneficial for patients suffering from oxidative stress, infections, inflammation, acne, menopause, and liver damage.

Beast Mode

L-Arginine HCI can increase nitric oxide levels, reduce muscle fatigue, and enhance muscle growth from workouts. Beneficial for exercise performance, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, cardiovascular conditions, and surgery recovery time.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that aids in energy production. It helps you physically perform faster and longer with more ease. It can also help decrease pain, muscle damage, and metabolic stress from intense workouts. Beneficial for vegetarians, dieters, and athletes who are pursuing strength training.

Slim at Last

Aids in fat loss and energy boosting. Can help control appetite and manage stress levels. Beneficial for patients with a slow metabolism who are seeking to lose weight.

The Bull

Taurine is a powerful amino acid that helps calm the nervous system and can alleviate stress and anxiety. Known to raise testosterone production, which helps improve lean mass development and fights fat gain in males. Beneficial for athletes, males with low testosterone, and patients with high-stress levels and/or anxiety.

Zen Mode

Helps relieve the adverse effects of stress and anxiety and helps restore a feeling of calmness. Beneficial for patients suffering from anxiety, insomnia, panic disorders, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

To learn how you can improve your health and wellness with vitamin shots, call the office or schedule an appointment online.