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You don’t have to settle for sparse, thin lashes. Morton Barke, MD, at New Leaf Wellness offers Latisse®, an FDA-approved solution to promote the cosmetic growth of eyelashes. To find out more about this lash-boosting treatment, call the office in Culver City, California, or book an appointment using the online scheduler.


Why are my eyelashes thinning?

Lashes thin due to underlying medical conditions, such as thyroid issues. Most likely, however, your sparse lashes are due to routine exposure to makeup and the environment. Aging can also cause your lashes to thin.

What is Latisse?

Latisse contains the active ingredient known as bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, which is proven to enhance lash growth and density. Latisse is a topical solution you apply to your lashes once every evening for 16 weeks to make your lashes grow. It’s proven to improve fullness, length, and darkness.

How effective is Latisse?

Clinical studies have shown that Latisse is effective in boosting lash health and growth. On average, patients’ lashes grow 25% longer, 106% thicker, and 18% darker. Latisse addresses existing lashes. It doesn’t cause new lashes to grow.

One study showed that 78% of participants using Latisse experienced a significant increase in last fullness and darkness by week 16.

In some cases, Latisse is too effective. You may experience lash overgrowth. If this occurs, contact Dr. Barke. He usually adjusts your dosage to fewer applications per week.

How long should I use Latisse?

Dr. Barke recommends exactly how long you should use Latisse to benefit your lashes. Your Latisse prescription lasts for 30 days, but you may use it for less time according to how your lashes react and depending on your cosmetic goals.

Optimal effects of Latisse happen after about four months of use, but you start to notice changes around the eighth week. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes do return to their sparser look during your next eyelash growth cycle. Each growth cycle is 1-2 months.

How is Latisse applied?

Usually, you apply Latisse in the evenings to only your top lashes. When you blink, a small amount of product distributes to your lower lashes. Use the provided applicator, as it ensures you get just the right amount of medication with each swipe. Do avoid using Latisse if you have an eye infection or broken skin on your eyelid.

Is it safe to use Latisse with contacts?

You can wear contacts with Latisse but should talk to Dr. Barke about any precautions you should take. Usually, you apply Latisse when your contacts are out and wait 15 minutes before inserting them.

Enhance your eyelash look and density with Latisse. Call the office of New Leaf Wellness or book an appointment online to find out how.