Emotional Support Animal Specialist

New Leaf Wellness Center

Wellness Center located in Culver City, CA

Animals are naturally empathetic, and a pet can be a tremendous healer. If yours provides you with relief from mental disabilities, contact New Leaf Wellness and Morton Barke, MD, to qualify your pet as an emotional support animal. Call the office located in Culver City, California, to have your pet qualified to accompany you in most areas pets are usually not allowed.


Emotional Support Animal Evaluations
New Patients- $120
Renewals- $90
Telehealth Evaluations available. For more information, click here!

What is an emotional support animal?

An ESA, or emotional support animal, provides therapeutic support to its owner. Dogs are not the only animals that qualify — any animal can.

Emotional support animals do not have to have specific training and are not protected by the American with Disabilities Act which means they don’t have the same rights as service dogs. But ESAs are allowed to live in pet-free housing and fly in the main cabin of an airplane.


What conditions qualify me for an emotional support animal approval letter?

Not everyone qualifies for an emotional support animal letter of approval. You must have one or more of the following:

  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Phobias
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Personality disorders

You can have multiple medical conditions and a medical support animal to support each of these needs. It’s possible to have multiple animals on the same emotional support animal letter. But be aware that some airlines and housing units require a separate letter for each animal.


What should I expect during an evaluation for an emotional support animal?

During the evaluation, you fill out paperwork regarding your medical history and sign a general consent form. Dr. Barke evaluates you and your medical history to determine whether you qualify for an emotional support animal.

If you are eligible, the fee for the evaluation and letter of approval is $120.


How do I schedule an emotional support animal evaluation?

You can use the online scheduler or call for an appointment. We also accept walk-ins as late as 20 minutes before closing. Bring any of your medical records for review. These aren’t required, but do help with the process.


Where am I legally allowed to have my Emotional Support Animal?

No Pet Housing: You can live with your animal in no-pet housing as long as you have an ESA letter provided to you by a licensed mental health professional. A housing letter can be provided to you at an additional fee of $10.

Air Travel: As of January 11, 2021, the Dept. of Transportation ruled that airlines are no longer required to accept Emotional Support Animals. Due to this new ruling, most major airlines will only accept your animal as a pet (which includes a pet fee). A few airlines are still accommodating Emotional Support Animals. These airlines include:

  •  Southwest (until 2/28/21)
  •  Air Canada
  • Sun Sountry
  • Volaris
  • Westjet
  • Most international airlines

This list of airlines is subject to change.

Workplace (CA-residents): California's Fair Employment and Housing Act, job applicants and employees are protected from discrimination in the workplace due to a physical or mental medical disorder that is disabling. This includes having to make an accommodation for employees with service dogs, psychiatric service dogs, and emotional support animals. We can provide you with a workplace letter for an additional $10 fee.

I have an animal trained to provide me medical treatment and/or performs a task that alleviates my disability. Can I fly with my animal in the cabin on one of the major airlines not listed above?

Yes. You can fly with your animal is the cabin as a service animal, not an emotional support animal. For more information on service animals, please click on this link: General Exam (Service Animal)