• What is the difference between vitamin shots and vitamin pills?

Vitamin pills are readily available on the market and can be accessed nearly anywhere. Although beneficial, the efficiency of vitamin pills can be subject to the type of pill, a person’s diet and lifestyle, and also certain medical conditions (i.e. digestive issues). With vitamin injections given through the subcutaneous route, the vitamins are more purely absorbed, as they do not need to be digested or dependent on the stomach or intestines. Vitamin shots also provide faster and more sustained results.

• How long does the whole procedure take?

New patients are required to fill out paperwork. This usually takes about 5 minutes. Once the paperwork is completed, the doctor will review your medical history, take your blood pressure and then administer the injection. This can take about 5-10 mins. Return patients will have a much faster process.

• When does the shot take effect?

 Almost immediately. Others will feel effects within 12-24 hours. Most patients will feel the results within minutes.

• Can you ever have too much of a vitamin injection?

  Vitamin injections are water soluble. There is no risk of overdosing. Your body will absorb what is needed and pass the rest.

• Do you have any specials or deals on vitamin injections?

We offer a “series” where you can purchase 4 shots (must be equal or lesser value) and you will receive $20 off. We will also have monthly specials posted on our website. Follow us on Instagram for the latest news on specials, discounts, and limited offers.  

• Are the injections painful?

Most of our shots are injected subcutaneously, meaning the injection penetrates into the tissue layer, just between the skin and muscle. With any injections, you may feel a pinch or slight discomfort. We use very small needles and most patients say they feel nothing at all. 

The only shot that has discomfort is the Vitamin C. This shot is injected intramuscularly and can cause soreness for a few days. Massaging the area and using a warm compress will help alleviate any pain or discomfort. 

• How often can I get vitamin shots?

Results can last for up to a month depending on the type of shot. If you are vitamin deficient, you may receive up to 3 shots in one week.

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